Sol is the Capital System of the Solari Expanse, and the birthplace of Humanity. It has a single star, Sol, as well as eight major bodies, numerous minor bodies, one planetoid belt, and one outer cometary belt.

Sol shares a star cluster with Alpha Centauri (Jump-1) and Virginis (Jump-2). Two other stars, Aquarii and Tau Ceti lie within Jump-2 range.

The Solar System


Also known simply as "The Sun," Sol is a G2 V yellow-white main sequence star burning at approximately  5,800° K.


UWP: A867A45-D Hi Ri Ht
Starport Rating: A
Planet Size: 12,800km (1.0gs)
Atmosphere: Standard
Hydrographics: 70% Water
Population: Tens of Billions
Government: Representative Democracy
Law Level: 5. Most weapons prohibited. Citizens and Visitors must register when leaving and entering the atmosphere.
Technology Level: 13
Bases: Navy, Consulate, Traveller's Aid Society
Trade Codes: High Population, High Technology, Rich
Hex Location: 0808


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